What I should be doing:

-Grocery shopping and making healthy meals and snacks

-Working out for at least 30 minutes

-Studying for my Biochem exam

-Studying for my MCAT

What I am actually doing:

-Eating yogurt

-Browsing through Tumblr, Pinterest, and Netflix

-Contemplating a nap


A little free library
Seattle Washington

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Multiple colored stars, located by constellation. 1881.

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-It’s Thursday. I love Thursdays. It’s not yet Friday but the week is pretty much over. I can breathe.

-I get to sleep in a little tomorrow.


-Can’t really relax tonight even though the bulk of my stress is over. Have to finish thesis stuff and biochem homework. Ugh.

-3 hours of sleep is no bueno.

-Feeling the effects of a cold. At least I’m over my viral infections and strep. But damn, I’m over being sick.


-TFA application status will be open in 10 hours. I am not sure what to feel.

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My neighbour’s apples”

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"And we danced all night to the best song ever!"

One Direction concert with le roommate @trishaamin, heh heh heh. #onedirection #wherewearetour #zaynmalik

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My to-do list this week, leggo.

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